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Pancha Karma

Pancha Karma means the five purification or cleansing practices. It is the main cleansing method in Ayurveda. Its methods are purgation (virechana), medicated enemas (basti), therapeutic vomiting (vamana), nasal medications (nasya) and therapeutic release of toxic blood (rakta moksha). Purgation is most useful for Pitta, medicated enemas for Vata and therapeutic vomiting for Kapha. 

To aid in this process preliminary cleansing methods are done to bring the aggravated humors to the digestive tract for their elimination from the body. These are oil therapy (snehana) and steam therapy (svedana). Oil therapy consists of massage with medicated oils. Steam therapy involves use of a sweat box or directing the steam through hoses (nadi sveda). In Pancha Karma three weeks of such methods may be given. Modern short term version of Pancha Karma may last only a few days, but their results may be limited.

Some Pancha Karma centers are opening in this country. Pancha Karma provides the most effective Ayurvedic clinical method for treating or preventing disease. It is important, however, to proceed it with the right diet and cleansing preparation and to follow it up with the right life-style and rejuvenation medications. Otherwise its effects will not be lasting.


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