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Vishnu Mayam Jagat
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Tirukandiyur - Harasapaharan Temple

This is a unique thirtha kshetra proudly displaying the holy images of the Trimurtis in three well-built independent temples. A star-attraction for all devout bhaktas belonging to the major sects of Hinduism. This holy kshetra rid lord Siva of Brahmahatya papa, and so its Lord is aptly called Harasapaharan - one who destroyed the sin of Siva. Its ancient Tamil name 'Mummurti Mukti sthalam' highlights its inimitable, infinite splendour. Hence the unprecedented high place among the Divya Desams lying of the banks of Cauvery. Brahmanda Purana eulogizes that this Mulavirat Sriyahpathi Sarvcswaran is the Lord of lords and above Him none stands claiming superiority. Another unique feature of this place is - one gets freed from sins by mere standing straight to this temple and uttering the name of the Lord with head bent. Ah! What a holy place! How kind the Lord is!! So it is called Kaudana kshetra means thereby it destroys sin of any type. As the temple was renovated by Bali Chakravarthi once, it was called Bali kshetra. According to legend Brahma who rose from the navel of Lord Mahavishnu had five faces and the middle one was so effulgent and exceedingly captivating that it ignited jealousy in Mother Mahalakshmi s mind. She would not stand competitors from any, come what may. She managed through the help of Maheswar to pluck off that enticing head to remain herself peerless. But it affected Siva, and he went round the world dipping in all the thirthas to be relieved off the Brahmahatya papa. It is only here he got rid of it and at Lord Mahavishnu's compassion at it. So Maheswar built two temples - one for Mahavishnu and another for Brahma, as a measure of thanks giving to the Lords. Applauding the gesture, Lord Vishnu suggested him to built another for Siva himself. It was done. Hence the three! One for each of the august Trio.

Another legend narrates that Brighu maharshi who kicked against the chest of Sri Mahavishnu in the act finding out of the right and fittest person for yagnaphala, was rid of his curse and attained moksha here. Yet one more! Bali Chakravarthi by stealing deliberately and hiding in Patalabka Lord Mahavishnu's crown, studded with navaratnas committed the Swarna stheya mahapapa. In consequence, he lost his glory, position and started roaming about all over the world, and when he came to this maha thirtha kshetra, he found himself relieved of the burden of sin. So he returned the crown to the lord and after purificatory bath in the tank, he was emancipated. All due to the abundant grace of Lord Harasapaharan. The tank was named after Bali thirtha and according to local version that Bali Chakravarthi is visiting this holy kshetra on the full moon day in the month of Vaikasi to offer prayers to Harasapaharan. The Goddess is called Kamalavally here. 'thus this place is made sacrosanct by several awe-some episodes occurred in the lives of the highest divinities. So there is an unending stream of devotees visiting this place throughout the year. The garbha griha is adorned with Kamalakruthi Vimana. Agamic puja is offered with utmost devotional fervor. As all the temples are found in one place its attraction needless to say is the greatest and it is second to none, but to itself in matters of sanctity, antiquity and divinity. A miss not mahakshetra.

It lies 6 km off Tanjore, a famous town in Tamilnadu, accessible by four wheelers.


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