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Vishnu Mayam Jagat
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Tiruvarangam - Sri Ranganatha Temple


Srirangam - the El. Dorado of Vaishnavates, enshrining the celebrated image of lord Ranganatha, is one of the most hallowed, and largely visited centres of pilgrimage of our sacred Ind, since Tretayuga. As the presiding deity is easily and readily accessible by simple, yet sublime means of bhakti and prapathi and showering boons of infinite variety, besides Sayujya Prapthi along with admitting Panchamas into the sanctum, this mokshapuri is attracting millions of devotees from all parts of India. It is a thritha kshetra of special significance for Vaishnavates; for, it is from here the Vaishnava Sampradaya wafted its potent glory and spread to all corners of the world. As it is the august citadel of Vaishnavism, the Vaishnavates proclaim loudly on hearing it - "It is our Sakshat Swargam and Ranganatha is our Pratyaksha Daivam". They deem the presiding deity their life breath; god of gods, the much-coveted Chintamani, the inner light, the Kalpavriksha, why, it is the beall and end-all of their earthly existence. Practically speaking, there is no Vaishanavate without knowing or uttering this august God, or craving for a visit to this Bhuloka Vaikuntam.

Mention it to any Vaishnavate, at once 'Ranganatha' leaps out from his lips with folding of hands and raising of head upwards simultaneously; for, it is this kshe tea that was visited by the luminaries of Vaishnavism down the ages; it is to this shrine, royal families poured their souls and emptied their treasures; it is this deity alone blesses the boon of merging of the adorer in Him: it is this city that gave permanent refuge to the Vaishnavate minstrels and saint-poet: it is this kshetra that is surrounded by the holy Cauvery to making it the Nandanavana of endless charm and peerless fascination; it is this temple that claims the tallest and best towers in India; it is here Ramanuja, the avatara of Lakshman lived a glorious life in codifying and composing the immortal Vaishnava lore; it is this deity that was made to disappear and reappear during the Muslim invasion; it is this city that broadcast the greatest and easiest means for salvation - Prapatti and Bhakti by the worldrenowned acharyas, like Nathamuni, Alavandar and Ramanuja; it is from one of the temple's Mandapams wafted the poetical fragrance of Kamba Ramayana that snaps the Rama bhaktas of their earthly mornings; it is from the Karuvarai of this temple heard the universal truth of equality among humanity, and segregation of men on grounds of religion is the greatest sin: it is to this temple portals, Kulasekhara Alwar desired to turn into a stone; it is from here Vaishnavism started fts digvijaya mahayatra and reached the portals of common people through 58 Muts, established by Ramanuja to capture their imagination and turn their God-ward. Enshrined with such meritorious plus points, this kshetra is occupying an unenviable place in the history of our land and foremost seat among the Vaishnava kshetra of our pujya Bharatavani.

The Archamurti

The image of archamurti - Ranganathaswami is made of black stone and it is very huge. He is giving darsan lying on the Adisesha with his consorts Bhudevi and Niladevi at his feet. The dazzling jewels, shimmering vastras and multi-colored garlands adorning him indeed offers a grand feast of the eyes. So the genuine devotees feel that the gift of sight blessed by the Almighty God is justified in seeing this Lord in his resplendent beauty. They glue their eyes to the enchanting image and start muttering some verses of hymns in praise of him. Alwars, like Kulasekhara preferred to transform themselves into some objects to adorning this divya sannidhi for eternal adoration: for, this Lord had granted Sayujyamukti to several of his genuine adorers. Strangely enough, here are installed the idols of Alavandar, Nadamuni and Ramanujacharya. The image of Venkata Desika is found on the tower. Pranavakruthi Vimana beautifies the garbha griha. The temple tanks are called Cauvery thirtha and Chandra Pushkarini.

Vaikunta Ekadasi

Vaikunta Eakadasi tops the list of festivals celebrated with infinite ardour. It is a gala festival celebrated for all days starting from Pausha Sukla Padyami Eakadasi. No doubt all the Eakadasi days numbering 24 in a year are given importance and celebrated with due rituals, but this Vaikunta Eakadasi sees its best and reaches the apex of its glory. Bhaktas in their lacks visit then making journeys from hundreds of miles. For Vaishnavates, it is an indispensable occasion not to be missed. It is a red letter day which they look for and avail. It has a great background imbued with piety emerging from mysticism.

It is 5 km off Trichy bus stand of Tamilnadu land accessible by four wheelers.


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