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Vedic astrology is not just another system of astrological interpretation. Its purpose is not just to tell us what our destiny is via the stars. It does not leave us helpless before fate but shows how we can use the planetary energies operative in our lives in the best possible way. It also has a practical side, its Yoga. This is its series of remedial measures aimed at purifying our subtle or psychic environment, balancing our planetary influences and maximizing our karma. Its methods include the use of gems, colors, mantras, deities, rituals, herbs and foods. Hence a competent Vedic astrologer can provide us with tools to harmonize our entire being with the stars and align us thereby with the beneficent forces of the entire cosmos. Astrology is the basis for a total examination of our life on all levels, inner and outer, and can be used for an integral life-counseling from which an integral life-regime can be developed. 

We all clean our bodies and our houses on a regular basis. Yet few of us know how to clear our psychic or mental space. We are blind to the occult influences in the world around us. Such things as the use of rituals, mantras and the science of astrology help us to do this. The foremost of these psychic influences we have to deal with is that of the planets. 


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