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If we look at a regular ephemeris and see that the Moon is in Gemini and then go out and see what constellation it is actually in, we will most likely find it in the stars of Taurus, which is where Vedic astrology would place it. Hence sidereal astrology is more astronomically accurate and reflects more the stars. Tropical astrology reflects more the seasonal changes and the Sun-Earth relationship. Both systems have their efficacy but their languages may be confusing as what they refer to as the signs of the zodiac is determined by two different standards of measurement. It is not in doubt where the signs actually are, but the method of ascertaining them has two main methods which yield different results. 

Sidereal astrology calculates this ongoing movement of the precession into its planetary positions. Hence its point for the vernal equinox is slowly changing, a rate around 50" per year. 

According to the standard government of India system the equinox will be as of 1990 about 6 degrees 20 minutes of Pisces. In the Puranas, the mythological texts of late ancient and medieval India, we read of the spring equinox as at 0 Aries (c. 500 A.D.). In Vedanga Jyotish, a late Vedic supplement, we find it in the end of Aries (c. 1200 B.C.). 


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