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Lunar types have round features, usually white complexion and tend towards obesity or water retention. They have a certain luminosity about them. They are friendly, sociable, open, caring, non-violent, concerned with the welfare of others and often possess a maternal disposition. They treat others as members of their own family. They can be shy and sensitive, passive, withdrawn or fearful and may be dominated by their moods, sentiments or emotions. Yet when more evolved can become leaders, administrators and very diplomatic. They can be popular and know how to influence the masses. They also like to shine and like others to find happiness or delight in their company. 


Mars types usually possess a ruddy complexion, with some angularity or sharpness in their features. They may have scars, wounds, or get injured easily. They are usually well built and have good muscle tone but have hot blood and tend towards febrile and infectious diseases. They are bold, daring, aggressive, perhaps contentious and may get into conflicts. They like discipline, are militaristic and easily form alliances. They are strong workers, rational and practically minded, and are often technically or scientifically oriented and can do much with their hands. They like action, energy and the display of force. 


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