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Though it may have been naive to outer realities, it does give us a better picture of the occult forces at work in life. As modern science begins to question the reality of time and space and the visible world, it may come to know these forces and appreciate more why the ancients took these more seriously than the forces of the outer world. 

Modern science deals with the sensory perceivable and measurable world. Astrology deals more with the astral world than the physical, with the energy behind form rather than the forms themselves and with the energy of the mind more so than the energy of matter. It tells us that the visible is the outcome of invisible forces, that the forms of things follow impulses in the mind. As such, it is not contrary to modern science, but is a subtler form of science which can be added to it. To appreciate it we cannot just take an outer view of things. We must acknowledge our unity with all of life and discern how the forces of the cosmos, particularly those of the planets, affect us. While the effect of the Moon on life on Earth is well known, we have not examined those of the other planets with enough depth to discover their similarly significant actions. 

Astrology can be validated through tests and experiments. Yet these must be sensitive to the level on which it is operating. It is not enough just to compare the Sun signs of people.  


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