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It should be noted that neither system, the sidereal or the tropical is wrong. They just base their measurement of the signs on different factors. Ancient astrology, however, all over the world, was sidereal in nature because it was originally based on direct observation. The ancients could not have employed a symbolic tropical zodiac. When they said the Moon in Taurus it had to be observable among the stars there. 

Unfortunately, the language of Vedic Astrology is still largely medieval, like that of older western astrology and its moralistic pronouncements. It is tied to older Indian cultural patterns which are no longer relevant in the modern world. Many classical or traditional texts are for this reason very hard for westerners to understand. Even some easterners prefer books on western astrology over their own for reason of their broader social concepts. However, a modern form of Vedic astrology is arising that is free of this complication. 

Vedic astrology can also be used along with or to supplement Western astrology either in its tropical or sidereal forms. Indeed, many aspects of Vedic astrology are already being introduced into Western astrology, like the harmonic charts. Some say Vedic or Hindu astrology applies for Hindus and Western astrology for westerners. This is another form of cultural prejudice which inhibits objectivity. While both systems have some cultural limitations we should note that the stars and planets should not be held to operate according to them. Vedic astrology can be used to give quite accurate readings for westerners and Western astrology can work very good on Hindus. 


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