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Sidereal astrology holds that there is a constant connection between certain stars and certain sections of the sky and life on Earth. It is based on the galactic center which marks the beginning of Sagittarius, the positive sign of Jupiter, the planet called in Sanskrit "guru", the Divine teacher. Jupiter brings into our solar system the beneficent influences from the galactic center. Presently the winter solstice is now in conjunction with the galactic center. It will be exact around 2100 A.D. As such we are witnessing a new influx of spiritual energy from that galactic sun. 

Another important point of orientation for the zodiac is the star Vega. It marked the north pole around 12,000 B.C. In the Vedic system this is said to be the main star governing the movement of our Sun, its local ruler. 

In the cycles of the World-ages (yugas) used in Vedic astrology we are now said to have recently entered the second age (Dwapara Yuga), called the Bronze age by the Greeks. It is an era of rapid development of scientific knowledge, leading gradually into the occult. It is destined to last another two thousand years, as part of a 24,000 year cycle. Yet we are  still in a longer age of Kali Yuga or the Iron Age lasting 432,000 years, making the mentality of the majority of human beings still tending towards materialism even in the ages of light of the shorter cycle. Nevertheless, we all have the power to transcend our destiny as our inner soul is inherently free of karma. It is not the stars which bind us but our attachment to the external world which in turn places under the rule of its forces. 


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