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Vedic and Western Astrology

Vedic astrology represents the oldest, most consistent and most continually used system of astrology in the world. It was established and handed down through a series of enlightened sages including by many great yogis up to the present. Shri Yukteswar, guru of Paramahansa Yogananda was one such great yogic astrologer. 

Additionally, as it corresponds to the fixed stars it cannot be criticized by astronomers for no longer being accurate, as is the case with tropical astrology. It is more scientific and based more clearly on direct observation. 

Its disadvantage is, first of all, it causes a shift in the sign positions in a chart, which makes it hard to understand for those used to their tropical positions. Two-thirds of us will find our Sun signs changing, as well as the signs of all our other planets. If we are already used to reading ourselves by the standards of tropical astrology this shift may prove difficult to deal with. We might find it hard to change from being a Virgo to a Leo Sun, for example. 


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