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Planetory Periods

Vedic astrology employs a special system of planetary periods. In these each planet rules a period of time in life from six to twenty years. The main cycle used (Vimshottari Dasha), one hundred and twenty years, is as follows:

The Sun: six years
The Moon: ten years
Mars: seven years
Rahu: eighteen years
Jupiter: sixteen years
Saturn: nineteen years
Mercury: seventeen years
Venus: twenty years
Ketu: seven years

Each of these major periods (Dashas) is divided into minor periods (Bhuktis) based upon the same proportions per planet. Where the cycle begins depends upon the location of the Moon at birth. 

The planetary periods are very important for determining the courses of events in life. All of us would benefit from knowing their periods. If this is all we take from Vedic astrology it is well worth it. It should be noted that transits are also considered but relative to these more general periods. 


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