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Sidereal Astrology

Vedic Astrology is "sidereal" in nature; that is, it is based upon the actual observable constellations for its delineations of the signs of the zodiac. Most Western astrology is "tropical" in nature. It does not use the actual fixed stars but bases its signs upon the point of the equinox, which is slowly but constantly changing in the heavens. It should be noted that there is a Western form of sidereal astrology and that Edgar Cayce often recommended this approach. Tibetan astrology is also based upon the Vedic sidereal model. 

Owing to the precession of the equinoxes the point of the vernal equinox is now in early Pisces moving towards Aquarius; hence the idea that the age of Aquarius now dawning. In normal Western astrology the point of the vernal equinox is always considered to be the first point of Aries, regardless of its actual point in the heavens. By Aries it is not referring to the stars of the constellation Aries. It is a symbol or abstraction that can be applied to any section of the stars of the zodiac which serves to mark the vernal equinox. 


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