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In fact, it is only through the movement of the planets that the other actions of life on Earth are possible. We live in a world of tremendous forces. It is an awesome and spectacular universe. It was the understanding of this power from which the science of astrology originated. 

We pride ourselves in having gone beyond the limited views of ancient and medieval cultures. We have left the earth centered view of the solar system and look upon the ancients who saw the earth as the center of the universe to have been naive. We have broken through many other divisions of race, language and culture and find traditional cultures like India still to be caught in these narrow patterns. But we have not gone beyond what may be the most basic of all illusions and self-centered thinking processes, the materialistic idea of the world. We are almost entirely engrossed in the physical world as the sole reality and our personal ego as our real identity. While these traditional cultures had much less understanding or comprehension of the physical world than we do, they also had more knowledge of the subtle worlds and the spiritual reality behind them than we do. They would regard us as very naive and self-centered in this regard, tied to the sensory view of the world and blocked to any deeper inuition or inner perception. It is from this deeper perception they developed and used astrology.  


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