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Just as a person who walks around blindly is bound to come to some accident or calamity, so too by our blindness to the subtle forces of the stars we undergo many difficulties in life which are unnecessary. Even wars are often caused this way, by the impurity of our collective mental environment. Vedic astrology teaches us to see these influences and gives us the means of promoting those which are beneficial and warding off those which are harmful. 

The Gods we find propitiated in ancient cultures are the planets and the stars or, to be more accurate, the subtle and cosmic forces working through them. The ancient calendar, ritual, worship and daily activity were all one. This was as true among the Mayans of the New World, as the Hindus and Egyptians of the old. Each hour, day, month and year relates to a particular form of the Divine or aspect of the cosmic energy. Understanding their qualities our actions can remain in harmony with the universe and act with its power. Even today the rituals done in India usually include the worship of the planets. 

Such attitudes and actions are not based on fear or ignorance but on an understanding of the cosmic order and the interrelationship of man and the universe. The circling of the planets is not separate from the flowing of blood in our body, of impulses through our senses or thoughts through our mind. 


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