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The gem stones follow the color of the rays transmitted by the planets. Substitute gems are garnet or sunstone for the ruby; moonstone or cloudy quartz crystal for pearl; red carnelian for red coral; peridot, jade or green tourmaline for emerald; yellow topaz, yellow zircon or citrine for yellow sapphire; amethyst, lapis or dark blue turquoise for blue sapphire; clear zircon or clear quartz crystal for diamond; golden grossularite garnet for hessonite; other forms of cat's eye for chrysoberyl cat's eye.

Gem stones are usually worn on the fingers ruled by the planet or one of its friendly planets. The index finger is ruled by Jupiter and also can take gems for Mars, the Sun or the Moon. The middle finger is ruled by Saturn and also can take gems for Mercury or Venus. The ring finger is ruled by the Sun but also can take gems for the Moon, Mars and Jupiter. The little finger is ruled by Mercury but can also take gems for Venus. Rahu can be treated like Saturn and Ketu like Mars. 

Gemstones should be good quality, without flaws, preferably a minimum of three carats in size and set so as to touch the skin. It is best to put them on during days, hours or periods favorable to the planet they relate to. Vedic astrology holds that all gems are like transmitters. They bring in the energy of a particular planet. But it is up to us on what level we use that energy. Strengthening Mercury, for example, may give the powers of the lower or the higher mind. Hence mantras, meditation and the power of our intentions are needed along with the gems to insure their higher or more spiritual affect. 


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