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Venus types are attractive, well-proportioned, charming, good-looking and graceful. They often have a strong sexual energy and beautiful faces, with a certain feminine quality about them. They are artistic and creative and like beauty, comfort or luxury. While they can have a good deal of love and devotion, they may dissipate themselves with sensuality and become trapped in glamor and seduction. They possess good imaginations, a strong sense of color and have vivid dreams. When more evolved they easily gain occult knowledge or perception or the power of devotion. 


Saturn types tend to be gaunt, lean, with dry skin, darkness around the eyes and irregular features. They may have large noses, large or crooked teeth, big noses or unattractive features. They are often coarse, unfeeling or perhaps rough in nature. They may come from the lower strata of society or be outside of social recognition. They are solitary, seriousness, or depressed. They are difficult to relate to and seldom have many friends. They often suffer in life, have bad luck, poverty or disease. When they are successful it takes time, effort and struggle and they may be selfish and conservative in what they gain. When unevolved they may be selfish and cold, when highly evolved they are detached and calm, philosophical and meditative. 


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