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In most later Vedic texts we find it in the Pleiades or early Taurus (c. 2000 B.C.). In earlier Vedic mythology we find it near the beginning of Gemini or Orion (c. 4000 B.C.), or at the beginning of Cancer (c. 6000 B.C.), with yet earlier references all the way back to Libra (c. 12,000 B.C.). The astrologers of India kept track of the shifting of the equinoxes. As the calendar was based upon the position of the equinox to determine the months, many changes of calendar similar to our age of Aquarius are found instituted in different parts of the Vedic teachings. Unlike Europe in the Middle Ages the astrologers in India, many of whom were yogis, never forgot the fact of the precession. 

For this reason in sidereal astrology our zodiacal sign placements will usually change. They will generally fall back one sign. The Sun signs in sidereal astrology usually change around the 14th of the month. Hence Aries is April 14-May 14, Taurus May 14-June 14, Gemini June 14-July 14, Cancer July 14-August 14, Leo Aug.14-Sept.14, Virgo Sept.14-Oct.14, Libra Oct.14-Nov.14, Scorpio Nov.14-Dec.14, Sagittarius Dec.14-Jan.14, Capricorn Jan.14-Feb.14, Aquarius Feb.14-March 14, and Pisces March 14-April 14. As there is not an exact agreement among all sidereal astrologers as to the degree and rate of the precession the date may vary by a day or two either way depending upon the system used. 


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