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Planetary Types 

Vedic astrology judges individuals not so much by their Sun or any other sign but according to their predominant planet. Usually it considers the Ascendant or rising sign to be the most important factor, then the Moon and third the Sun. The Ascendant represents the physical body and material incarnation; the Moon the mind and emotional nature; the Sun the self or soul and rationality. The predominant planet is usually that which most influences the Ascendant, Moon, Sun or their lords. 


Solar types have a moderate build, a glowing or golden complexion and appear to give light, particularly through their eyes. They have strong hearts, good circulation and strong vitality. They are dignified, command respect, good leaders, have a fatherly disposition and are noble and strong. They have a good sense of truth, right, order, law and justice. They seek power, status, preeminence and prestige and like to be leaders. They have good wills and strong characters but can be vain, proud, critical or opinionated. They are often dramatic and like to be the center of attention. They like to shine on all the world and to have all the world look to them for light and warmth. 


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