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Kali is the Goddess of death and transformation. She has a ghostly appearance, a dark or black color. She arises from the chest of Shiva (a corpse). She is the main terrible form of the Goddess. Through her we break through all attachments and go beyond all the illusions and sufferings of the world. She is the love that endures beyond death and which thereby takes us beyond death. Her mantra is Klim.


Durga is the Goddess as the demon-slayer. She rides a lion. Her nature is also very fiery (Pitta). She destroys all negativity and illusion. Another name for her is Chamunda, the fierce one. She saves us and delivers us across all the difficulties of life. Hence in all dangers she is to be invoked.

Lakshmi : Shri

Lakshmi is the most commonly worshipped of the Goddesses and images of her can be found throughout India. She is still widely worshipped even among the Muslims in Indonesia as Dewi Shri. She is the Goddess of wealth, good fortune, good luck, beauty and fertility. As these are the main objects of our seeking in life, naturally this form of the Goddess has always had the main attraction for the human mind.  She has a higher form, however, as Divine love and beauty, the power of devotion. Her mantra is Shrim. 


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