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Some scholars have tried to divide off the Buddhist from the Hindu Goddesses saying the former represent wisdom (prajna) and the latter represent power (shakti). However, we see in the Vedic system that the Goddesses have three aspects, wisdom (Saraswati), love (Lakshmi) and power (Kali). These three always go together and do not exclude each other. True power is through wisdom which is love. Hence the power we see worshipped in the Hindu Goddesses is always the power of consciousness or wisdom (Chit-Shakti). 

Saraswati : Vak

Saraswati is worshipped along with any study or learning. Chants to her often begin and end classes on Vedic studies. She is the Goddess of the Word. She is purity itself and always wears white. She hold a vina, a book and a rosary. Her sacred syllable is Aim. She represents the stream of wisdom, the free flow of the knowledge of consciousness.  She is the form of the Goddess most mentioned in the Vedas as she is Vedamata, the mother of the Vedas, the mother of knowledge.  She also appears in Buddhist iconography as the consort of Manjushri, the God of wisdom. 


All rivers are forms of the Goddess. They represent the river of knowledge. Ganga, the Goddess of the Ganges river, is much like Saraswati. After the Saraswati river went dry in ancient times, much of the reverence attached to it was transferred to the Ganges as the center of the culture shifted slightly to the east. 


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