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As usual in the systems of Vedic knowledge the attitude and concentration is what matters, not the form. The classical Yoga system of India is the Raja Yoga system outlined in the YOGA SUTRAS of Patanjali, which appear to date around  the third century B.C. The term Yoga however is found already in the Gita and the Upanishads and is present in some very important Vedic hymns also, both in the Rig and Yajur Vedas. Most commonly the term Yajna, sacrifice, as already indicated is used in the Vedas instead of Yoga. 

The most significant ancient form of yoga was Mantra Yoga, or the Yoga of the Divine Word. This Yoga is hidden in all the scriptures of the ancient world. Hence Yoga is as old as man and as old as human language. Language itself arose at first as an effort to communicate with God and his cosmic powers and presence as a means of reintegration of the human with the universal. Life itself is Yoga; that is, there is an ongoing will in life towards growth, evolution and transformation.

This will towards Yoga inherent in life is the Vedic Sun God of inspiration, Savitar, who is behind the manifestation of all the Gods. Life is also Yoga in the sense that it is an ongoing work producing a specific result. Whatever we do is a kind of Yoga, a concerted action to gain a particular end. While normally we unconsciously practice Yoga, making various efforts to develop our outer powers to gain the outer aims of life, in Yoga itself we learn to consciously direct our energies to gain the inner aim of liberation. 

For this Yoga shows us how to align ourselves with the cosmic intelligence and use the cosmic energy. This provides a much greater power of action and transformation than the normal usage of our personal energies. The yogic path we follow should reflect what really attunes us to this greater Divine force. 


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