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In fact, we see throughout history, that the greatest harm in the world has usually been done by religious and political fanaticism. Even Hitler had such ideas. Yoga tells us that the greatest effects are not always the most visible or obvious. A yogi in meditation in the mountains can direct his thought force towards humanity in such a way that he can  create more benefit than any number of charitable institutions.  Whereas the latter work outwardly at the surface of life, the yogi works inwardly on the source of life. Hence we need not interpret the solitude and inaction of the yogi as a lack of compassion. It is the same thing as with a king. The king on his throne can direct the affairs of a kingdom without leaving his palace. 

So too, the yogi in meditation can channel peace to the world without leaving his meditation room. Hence many yogis prefer to live in areas free of distraction or large numbers of people. This affords them a clearer space for directing the energy of consciousness into the world. 

Knowledge is itself the highest form of service, as it is only light which has the power to dispel darkness. Our real service in life cannot be measured by the names, forms, numbers and quantities of the outer world. It is not in how much money we give to charity or how many schools or hospitals we build but how much of the energy of the Divine we bring into life through our own consciousness.  

Yogis merge into the Self of all beings, into the Divine being himself. As such they gain the power to influence all beings from within. Once this is acquired they need no longer keep a particular body to do benefit to the world. Such yogis become an eternal presence and learn to work through the whole of life. The great teachers are always with us, in nature, in our hearts. 


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