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We are already too hypnotized, too dominated by suggestions and external conditioning influences, particularly those of the mass media. We cannot become a great artist merely by listening to a tape that says "you are a great artist". We have to have the inspiration and do the work if we would get the results. Listening to suggestions from a tape is not practicing anything, much less yoga. Subliminal messages can be a subtle form of violence. They are an attempt to cover over what we are with an artificial idea from the outside, not to connect with the truth within us, which can only come through consciousness. 

We must remember that the medium is always the message. The message may be God or truth, but if the medium is passively watching a video, using subliminal suggestions or channeling, what we are actually encouraging is the unconsciousness of the medium, the dependence on external stimulation. Yoga is not a form of entertainment or self-hypnosis. 

True yoga practice is not a matter of a special technology, of having the best tapes, books or latest equipment. Its essence is in simplicity and in allying ourselves to the forces of nature. It is something we must do for ourselves, by disciplining our own body, mind and senses according to a higher aspiration. No one can practice yoga for us or give us yoga from the outside, any more than anyone can breathe for us. Yoga, on the contrary, is freeing ourselves from any dependence on external programming. 


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