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It should be noted that Kundalini can be aroused artificially by a willful, forced or egoistic practice. It can also be stimulated by drugs or extreme emotional reactions. If the nature is not purified the Kundalini may only serve to aggrandize the ego. It tends to magnify our nature, so that if our nature is not yet attuned to the Divine Will, it may magnify our weaknesses. Hence Kundalini practices do have their possible side-effects and should be done with care. The proper awakening of the Kundalini is through Divine grace. This does not mean that any effort on our part is not useful but that our effort must be to attune ourselves to the grace. Merely to arouse Kundalini is not an end in itself. The goal is to move more deeply into peace. When power is not part of peace it always becomes destructive. The premature arousing of the Kundalini can burn up the nervous system. It can limit or prevent our spiritual growth for perhaps the rest of our lives. 

Kundalini can be used up to the level of the third chakra or solar plexus to increase the powers of the ego. According the Vedas and Puranas even the demons practice Yoga up to this level because it gives them more power. The critical mind of the third chakra often considers itself to be enlightened. It does have the power to see through and control other personalities. It sees the limitations in others. However, it cannot see the Divine presence in others, or its own limitations and usually becomes caught in some process of manipulation. Most false gurus operate on this level. 

The arousing of the Kundalini is usually brought about through a coordination of posture, breath and mantra, along with certain visualizations. The Kundalini itself is looked upon as the deity, as the Goddess, the high priestess who leads us into the Divine realms of our higher nature. 


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