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Yet Krishna was an actual historical figure as well. He was born in Mathura (south of Delhi) and reigned later at Dwaraka in Gujarat. He died at the age of 125. 

There are many forms of Krishna also. There is the baby Krishna, the boy Krishna, Krishna the young lover, Krishna the warrior, Krishna the king, Krishna the sage. 

Krishna's two main consorts are Radha and Rukmini, the former his young beloved, the latter his queen. He had many other consorts as well, the Gopis, for each of whom he assumed a separate form. Actually all souls are consorts of Krishna who is the Divine lover. 


Buddha was introduced into the scheme of avatars at a later period as part of an attempt to integrate Hinduism and Buddhism. His own teachings were not studied or included among the literature on the avatars, though the stories of the Buddha follow a similar epic style as the Puranas. He is a major archetypal figure in the human mind and has become the human type who most represents Indian spirituality to the world, the sage in meditation.


Kalki is the Hindu Messiah. He will come at the end of the dark age to destroy the wicked and restore the rule of truth on the Earth. Some say he has already taken birth. Certainly his energy is quite needed today. He rides a white horse. He is not as commonly mentioned as Rama or Krishna.

According to some he has already taken birth and will usher in a new spiritual age for humanity. 


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