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Ram is one of the great Gods of the ancient world. We find him in India, in both Hindu and Buddhist annals. He was said to have brought the Aryan dharma to the south of India and out to sea. He was also worshipped in Indonesia and Indochina. He is related to Amon Re (Om Ram) of the Egyptians, as a form of the Sun God, particularly the night Sun that destroys the demons and takes us  across the ocean of darkness.

Sita his consort is the Earth Goddess. She is the receptive mind, the power of pure devotion. When we lose our Sita we lose everything because we lose the humility which allows us to grow. 

In the Ramayana she is stolen from Rama by the demon Ravana who took the form of a Brahmin to deceive her. 

Rama's main helper is Hanuman or  Maruti, the Monkey God, a form of the Wind God. Rama, Hanuman and Sita thus represent the Sun, the wind and the Earth or the three worlds of the Vedas and their respective powers.  Rama also was an historical figure as well as a mythic image. He was said to have reigned in north India in Ayodhya in the latter part of the Silver Age or Treta Yuga (c.4000 B.C.). 


Krishna is the foremost of the avatars, the personification of Divine love and delight. We find the figure of the Divine player of the flute all over the world. It is a common image in Sufi poetry and can be found in Europe and in ancient America as well, one of the main archetypes of the Divine in the human mind.


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