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Parvati : Uma

The Goddess as the wife of Shiva is known as Parvati, the Goddess of the mountain or of the mountain stream. She is also called Girija, the mountain born. She is the pure consciousness born in the mountains of meditation, the mystic Himalayas. She is the form of the power of consciousness.  As the giver of knowledge she is known as Uma, the protectress. As the pure being, consecrated in the fire of knowledge she is known as Sati. 

Lalita : Tripurasundari

Shiva's consort is not only a Goddess of power and death, she is also a Goddess of beauty and delight. As Tripurasundari, the beauty of the three worlds, she represents the beauty of the natural world, all the universe in the glory of God or pure consciousness. As Lalita, the delightful one, she is the bliss that comes to us through knowledge. The thousand names of Lalita are one of the main forms of worship of the Goddess. 

Her mantra is Hrim


Tara is an important Hindu Goddess, as well as the main Buddhist Goddess. In Hinduism she is related to Durga as the power which takes us across (tarati) all danger and darkness. In the Buddhist system she is Wisdom, the Mother of the Buddhas, which delivers us across ignorance. She has many forms as white, green etc. She is commonly worshipped in Tibet and under the form of Kwan Yin in China. 


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