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It is the natural intelligence of the Yoga Shakti, which is the power of nature herself, that directs and plans the work of Yoga, not our own personal mentality. We can aid in her work. By our assent to the work we allow her force to act within us. But we cannot do the work ourselves. What is mortal, finite and limited cannot become immortal, infinite or unlimited. 

But if we surrender our mortal nature to a higher aspiration we can create the space, the field and the matrix for the immortal powers to manifest themselves. 

There are many different paths and styles of Yoga but all come under five different areas---- 

The Path of Knowledge, 
The Path of Devotion, 
The Path of Technique, 
The Path of Service, and 
The Integral Path combining all four.

While all spiritual and religious teachings have their practice, their Yoga, it is in the Eternal Teaching or Sanatana Dharma from the Himalayas that we find the greatest diversity and freedom of such approaches. It has no insistence that the individual must follow one path or another. Even within a particular path there is no insistence that the individual must follow one style or another. What is essential  is that we follow a path, one which most appeals to our inner nature and true heart, and that we give our full attention and dedication to it, not as a matter of personal effort or striving, but as the expression of the fullness of our life and being and our need to transcend.


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