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This is particularly true if they employ drugs, if they aim at the accumulation of personal power rather than the surrender to the Divine, if they awaken animal forces within us, if they are centered on the solar plexus and below rather than the heart. In this regard they are like the left-handed yogic paths which can become forms of black magic. Channeling often involves having another being or entity speak through us. In Yoga the emphasis is  on self-knowledge and the development of our own awareness. Yoga says that we should never give our awareness over to another person or entity, internally or externally. We should never surrender the integrity of our own individual awareness because that is the Divine presence within us. If our channeling is based on a loss of consciousness, such channeling is a detriment to our own inner growth, though it may provide information that others find useful. Hence we read little about channeling in the Yoga literature. It is not mentioned as one of the important ways of spiritual growth. 

It is the Divine or our own inner Self that we should channel and such higher qualities as love and compassion, but that is an act of consciousness, not the letting of another being speak through us. We should all be channels for the Gods or the cosmic powers to lead us all back to our own divinity. Yoga tells us that we can communicate directly to the Divine. The Divine is our inner Self. We need no intermediary. Even the guru is not an intermediary that inhibits us from our own direct contact with the Divine. His role is as a facilitator or catalyst who helps us in this process of self-knowing. 

While it is necessary as a culture that we once more link up to the astral plane and come to understand the occult forces in nature, this is only a beginning to a greater understanding of the spiritual nature of life. It is only connecting to the subtle plane nearest our own. It is not going to the truth. We can also go directly to the source of all creation. It dwells in our own hearts as the light behind the mind. The Yogic path does not rest content with lesser goals. 


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